Class Action Filed Against Volkswagen Alleging Exploding Sunroofs

A class action has been filed against Volkswagen alleging that certain models have panoramic sunroofs that may shatter or explode due to engineering challenges associated with designing these sunroofs.

VOLKSWAGEN EXPLODING SUNROOF CLASS ACTION UPDATE: A federal court ruled on February 26, 2019, that consumer protection claims and claims of fraudulent concealment against Volkswagen can move forward. The court rejected Volkswagen’s arguments that the facts were insufficient to demonstrate Volkswagen’s knowledge of the defect. We have an analysis of the Court’s Volkswagen exploding sunroof decision here.

The Class Action Complaint

According to the allegations of the complaint:

Sunroofs pose a significant engineering challenge. Replacing metal portions of automobile roofs with large plates of glass requires precision in the strengthening, attachment, and stabilization of the glass. VW has failed to meet these engineering challenges, and as a result, many of the vehicles designed, and distributed by VW have sunroofs which spontaneously shatter. (“Sunroof Defect”). The shattering events are so powerful that startled drivers compare it to the sound of a gunshot, after which glass fragments rain down upon the occupants of the vehicle, sometimes while driving at highway speeds. VW does not warn current or potential drivers of the existence of or dangers associated with the Sunroof Defect. VW continues to sell and lease its vehicles to consumers with the Sunroof Defect. 

Reports to NHTSA

According to the complaint, at least fifty-seven owners and lessees have reported an incident of their sunroof shattering to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, including the following:

Volkswagen Sunroof NHTSA Complaints

Date of IncidentModel YearVW ModelNHTSA Consumer Complaint Excerpt
April 14, 20092007Jetta“sun roof exploded”
December 13, 20092010Jetta“sun roof exploded outward”
January 22, 20102010Golf“sunroof exploded”
January 20, 20112011Golf“Sunroof . . . exploded….”
January 22, 20112010Jetta“panoramic sunroof shattered”
June 29, 20122005Touareg“sun roof glass exploded on its own….”
November 9, 20122008Eos“sun roof exploded”
March 4, 20132011Jetta“there was a loud noise like a gunshot. I swerved into the left lane….”
March 29, 20132009Jetta“the sunroof exploded”
April 11, 20132009Jetta“sunroof exploded upwards”
May 6, 20132009CC“sunroof glass shattered”
June 6, 20132014Jetta“the sun roof exploded”
June 26, 20132012Jetta“glass shattered and fell all over me… I was completely terrified….”
August 7, 20132010GTI“Heard a loud bang, like a gunshot”
October 24, 20132012GTI“hear a loud bang”
December 20, 20132013Passat“sunroof… exploded outwards”
January 15, 20142012Jetta“heard a loud boom, sounded like a gunshot, glass from the sunroof covered us”
January 22, 20142012Passat“I heard a loud gunshot sound”
February 3, 20142012Eos“sunroof fractured into small pieces”
February 7, 20142014Eos“sunroof just exploded”
March 29, 20142009Jetta“sunroof burst…riding with son and friend.”
September 10, 20142013Jetta“heard a loud pop/gunshot sound from the sunroof… luckily I had the interior cover closed."
September 20, 20142013Passat“sunroof… exploded outwards”
September 26, 20142013Jetta“Sunroof shattered while driving in the country.”
October 23, 20142013Passat“Sunroof exploded upward”
November 26, 20142010Passat“sunroof exploded”
December 6, 20142014Passat“sunroof shattered”
January 19, 20152014Passat“suddenly…sunroof exploded”
January 24, 20152014Passat“sunroof shattered”
February 7, 20152010Jetta“sunroof exploded outward”
April 20, 20152015Passat“my sunroof spontaneously shattered”
May 6, 20152015Jetta“the sun roof glass exploded”
June 10, 20152015Golf“sunroof exploded without warning.”
July 31, 20152013Passat“a loud explosion sounding like a bomb or gunshot”
August 4, 20152013Jetta“heard a loud bang, sounded like a gunshot, immediately
September 11, 20152014Jetta“the sun roof shattered”
October 25, 20152014Eos“glass sunroof of my car exploded & shattered”
November 23, 20152015Tiguan“sun roof exploded without warning…”
December 11, 20152014Passat“exploding sunroof”
December 28, 20152015Passat“I hear a boom!”
January 7, 20162014Touareg“Panoramic sunroof exploded from the inside out”
January 12, 20162014Jetta“moon roof front panel is shattered….”
January 26, 20162015Golf“sounded like a shotgun….”
February 29, 20162009Eos“sunroof exploding raining shards of glass on me”
April 13, 20162015Golf“Sunroof was completely shattered … spontaneous….”
May 28, 20162011Touareg“sunroof panel (panoramic) shattered”
June 8, 20162011Tiguan“sunroof… exploded”
October 6, 20162015Tiguan“sunroof glass exploded”
October 20, 20162016GTI“loud banging noise was heard”
November 16, 20162012GTI“sunroof exploded like a gunshot”
November 19, 20162009Eos“sun roof shattered without warning”
February 23, 20172015GTI“sunroof suddenly exploded sending glass shards everywhere….”
February 27, 20172015Golf“Sunroof ... exploded….”
February 27, 20172016Tiguan“sunroof spontaneously shattered”
March 30, 20172017Passat“sunroof spontaneously shattered with no impact”
March 30, 20172015Tiguan“sunroof exploded and bubbled up”

Models and Model Years with Factory-Installed Sunroofs

The Volkswagen models that are the subject of the class action complaint are the following vehicles equipped with factory-installed sunroofs:

  • CC (2009–2010)
  • Eos (2007–2016)
  • Golf (2015–2017)
  • GTI (2006–2015)
  • Jetta (2005–2017)
  • Passat (2012–2017)
  • Rabbit (2006–2009)
  • R32 Base (2008)
  • Tiguan (2009–2017)
  • Touareg (2004–2006 and 2011-2017)

What are my options?

Webster Book LLP is investigating this matter on behalf of consumers. If you have suffered damage due to a defective sunroof in one of these vehicles, you may wish to consult a lawyer regarding your rights.

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